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1.  What color page ribbons are used for what purpose in the Roman Missal?

The color of the ribbons in the Missal bear no particular importance per se.

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2.  Are fiddleback vestments required for the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass?

Many styles of vestments are permitted in the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. There is no rubric in the 1962 Missal prohibiting Gothic vestments, for example. The history and development of liturgical vestments has given us a heritage of great artistic value which must be treasured and restored.

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3.  Is it necessary to have the chalice veil and maniple to say the Tridentine Mass?

It should be noted that, according to the De Defectibus (no. 31), it is not permissible to omit any of the vestments (for example the maniple, chalice veil, etc.)

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