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1.  What is the painting of the Holy Mass displayed on the main page of Sancta Missa?

The painting is the The Foundation Mass of the Order of Trinitarians painted by Juan Carreno de Miranda (Avila, 1614-Madrid, 1685). [Click here to see the full painting] "In the twelfth century, while celebrating Mass, Saint John of Matha had a vision of an angel, with arms intersecting, resting its hands on the heads of two captives. Following this vision he founded the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, known as the Order of the Trinitarians, dedicated to freeing Christian slaves from captivity under the Muslims. This monumental canvas, commissioned for one of the order's convents in Pamplona, is a masterpiece of the baroque style in its compositional flow." (Louvre Museum).

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2.  Who designed the web layout and artistic design of

The priests and brothers of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius in Chicago have created using their skills, abilities and talents. Fusionary Media of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has provided free web hosting, for which we are most grateful.

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