Missale Romanum 1962
Newly typeset edition of the Roman Missal for the Latin Mass

Classic Tridentine Altar Missal in Two Convenient Sizes

Missale Romanum 1962 T his is the first newly typset printing of the Missale Romanum 1962 with ecclesiastical approval since Vatican II and is in complete conformity with the final revisions made by the Holy See in 1962.
  • St. Joseph's name in the Canon

  • the Ad Libitum Prefaces (added in July 1962, includes the restored Advent preface).
  • Lays flat when open!
  • 10 durable tabs and six satin ribbons!
  • sturdy sewn binding and reinforced endsheet construction
  • Additional supplemental insert for the dioceses of the United States per the 1962 liturgical calendar.
Split leather hardcover  •  gold-embossed  •  gilt pages  •  1,223 pages
smythe sewn binding   •  printed and bound in Germany

Classic Edition
9" wide by 12¼" high and 2.2" thick

Missale Romanum 1962
     Travel-Size Edition
6½" wide by 8" high and 1.6" thick

Missale Romanum 1962

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Missale Romanum 1962


Finally—a high quality Altar Missal
at an affordable price!

At 1,223 pages, this is a major project, nevertheless every effort was made to ensure the highest quality altar missal. With great attention to detail, care was taken to have an easily readable font, clear design and a refined setting. This retypeset Missale Romanum will not only last for years, but its crisp, clear type and gilt pages will add clarity and beauty to the Sacred liturgy.
Latin Altar Missal - Missale Romanum

hard casing in burgundy split leather

 gold-embossing on both cover boards and spine

thick cover boards and reinforced spine 

six satin non-fraying ribbons

flexible bonded tabs

clear and crisp fonts thanks to new typesetting done in Germany

sturdy sewn binding and reinforced endsheet construction

non-acid missal-quality paper

gold-gilded page edges

a durable slip jacket for proper storage of your investment



Missale Romanum 1962 - Roman Missal

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