Sancta Missa

Books and Articles on Sacred Music

We would like to thank the
Church Music Association of America
for providing a large number of these documents.
Ordo Missae

A Chronicle of the Reform: Catholic Music in the 20th Century

A New School of Gregorian Chant

A Study of Gregorian Rhythm

An Idiot’s Guide to Square Notes

Catholic Church Music

Chirograph for the Centenary of Tra le Sollicitudini

Critical Reflections on the Bugnini Liturgy: The Divine Office

Crux et Cithara

Frequently Asked Questions on Sacred Music

Gregorian Chant for Church and School

Ideology and Liturgy

Letter of John Paul II to Artists

Liturgy and Church Music – Pope Benedict XVI

Music Education – First Year

Music Education – Second Year

Music Education – Third Year

Music Education – Fourth Year

Pange Lingua – Latin Hymns from the Breviary

Psalm Tones

Singing Gregorian Chant – Pitch and Mode (Powerpoint Presentation)

Text Book of Gregorian Chant

The Art of Gregorian Music

The Chants of the Vatican Graduale

The Cult of the Conductor

The Greatest Unison Music

The Reform of Church Music

The Rhythm of Plainsong

The Spirit of Gregorian Chant

The Training of a Church Musician

Theological Problems of Church Music

Ordo Missae

Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius