Roman Missal 1962
Sancta Missa - Tutorial on the Tridentine Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum (Roman Missal)

The Divine Office: A Study of the Roman Breviary
By Rev. E.J. Quigley

Table of Contents

Title Page and Preface

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Idea of the Breviary.

Chapter II. Short History of Divine Praise in General and of the Breviary in Particular.

Chapter III. Excellence of The Roman Breviary—The Esteem Which We Should Have For the Book Itself.

Chapter IV. The Contents of the Breviary.

Section I. Full Title of the Breviary. Division of the Breviary.

Section II. The Year and Its Parts. Epacts And New Moons. General Rubrics of the Breviary.

Title I.—The Double Office.

Title II.—The Office of a Semi-double.

Title III.—The Simple Office.

Title IV.—Sunday.

Title V.—Ferial Office.

Title VI.—The Office of Vigils.

Title VII.—Octaves.

Title VIII.—Office of the Blessed Virgin for Saturday.

Title IX.—Commemorations.

Title X.—The Translation Of Feasts.

Title XI.—Concurrence.

Title XII.—The Arrangement Of The Office According To The Rubrics Given Above.

Chapter I. Moral And Ascetic Theology.

Article I. —The Obligation Of The Recitation Of The Breviary

Article II.—The Order To Be Observed In Reciting the Divine Office.

Article III.—Time Of Recitation.

Article IV.—Of The Place Of Recitation And The Attitude In Reciting The Office.

Article V.—Pronunciation Of The Words.

Article VI.—Intention And Attention.

Article VII.—Causes Which Excuse From Reading The Office.

Article VIII.—The Direction Of The Scrupulous.

Chapter II. Some Rules Of Ascetic Theology For The Pious Recitation Of The Breviary.

Article I. —Rules For Pious Recitation Of Hours

Article II.—The Means To Adopt For The Pious Recitation Of The Breviary.

Article III.—Aids During The Recitation.

Article IV.—After Saying The Divine Office.

Chapter I. Matins. (Title XIII)

Chapter I. Matins. (Title XIII)

Chapter II. Lauds. (Title XIV)

Prime (Title XV)

Chapter III. Terce, Sext, None (Title XVI)

Chapter IV. Vespers And Compline, The Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin (Title XXXVII)

Chapter I.

A. Proper Of The Time.

B. Proper Of The Saints.

Note A. The Breviary Hymns.

Note A. The Breviary Hymns.

Note B. Particular Examen On The Recitation Of The Divine Office.

Note C. Bibliography.

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