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Rubrics of the Tridentine Latin Mass 1962

The Rubrics of the Missale Romanum 1962

Translated into English by Rev. Dennis M. Duvelius

  XIV. Those things done if the Priest celebrates twice or thrice in the same day

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1. The Priest who celebrates two or three Masses without interruption on Christmas or All Souls Day, that is, when he leaves the Altar, does the following:

a) In the first and second Masses, if he is to celebrate another immediately, having consumed the divine Blood, neither purifies nor wipes the Chalice, but places it upon the Corporal and covers it with the Pall. Then with his hands joined he says Quod ore sumpsimus, and washes his fingers in a vessel of water, saying Corpus tuum, Domine, and wipes them. After this, the Chalice, as yet remaining on the Corporal, he places aside and covers again in the normal manner, that is, with the Purificator, then the Paten with the Host to be consecrated, and the Pall, and then the Veil. The Chalice should not be placed outside the Corporal. If he inadvertantly drinks the ablutions with the wine, he can nevertheless celebrate the second and third Masses even before three hours have passed, if necessary. He completes the other Mass as usual.

b) In the second and third Masses, if another Mass has been celebrated immediately beforehand, having removed the Veil at the Offertory, he places the Chalice toward the Epistle side for a little while, but within the Corporal. After offering the Host, the Chalice is not wiped with the Purificator, but leaving it within the Corporal, raises it slightly, pours the water and wine into it, and without wiping it within, offers it. All else is done as usual.

2. If the priest is to celebrate more Masses with an interruption, he should perform the two ablutions prescribed by the rubrics. If the following Mass is to be celebrated before the passing of three hours, water only should be used in the ablutions. If he inadvertently drinks the wine, he may nevertheless celebrate the following Mass before the passing of three hours, if necessary.

Appendix I: The Vesting Prayers of the Celebrant

Those things omitted in Masses for the Dead


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